onsdag 30. juli 2014

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tirsdag 1. oktober 2013

Do you have a male for my bitch?

As a breeder and also owner of some decent males I every now and then get questions if I have available males for breeding.
So also last week.

Following PM came trought Facebook - I have a bitch at xx age and she is absolutely stunning and has several cac already and looking for a stunnig male that could be suitable for her...
Important is that inbreeding is equal to 0 - That is important... Do u have anything to offer?

I read this message a couple of times - trying to figure what this was all about. First of all - all my males are line-bred to certain dogs and therefore my first reaction was - did she not check that none of my males has the important 0 - pedigree? However - bred to this bitch it would equal to 0 in 3 generations...
Anyway - I responded to the PM with following answer - I'm sorry but my males are not available for stud to bitches from this kennel.
Relpy went - and she said - It doesn't matter but why? And I informed that I do have my reasons. AND wow - I was told the story.

And she could respond to me that the special-club' comitee-poeple in Norway is a bunch of breeders that is not serious and breeds PRA in the pedigrees that pushes people away instead of including them in the club. These breeders do also promote their own puppies instead of others.

I had to ask if she was drunk.... ( I know that's not nice)

First of all - I do for the moment have 7 males available for stud here - age from 8 years and down to 18 months - (and some younger too) All and every one of them with different pedigree's - all of them with different qualities that in my opinion will gain the breed at some point - bred to the right bitch or not.

I did not get any specific leads on what she was looking for - no question about health-issues in the pedigree's or in the dogs I have. Nothing asked about anything...  It makes me wonder..

SO - I have to ask - why is inbreeding important in the first line of questions and health not?
And in the next line - It is important as the breed-comitee breeds on PRA pedigree's?
This is our breeding... Our "Snuppa" with her newborn - sired by one of our males.
I'm just wondering what is important and not... I do know for us - Not let these kind of breeders use our males....

søndag 6. januar 2013

101 dalmatians??

Nope - but 101 miniatureschnauzer puppies are born at Greypix's since 2000.

I was kind of suprised when finding out that and it makes me proud that for the moment we have 26 CHAMPIONS bred here - They have more than 50 champion-titles and our breeding has also given us the European Winner in 2005 and the WorldChampion in 2010.
Troughout these years we have learned alot about breeding and we have been lucky(?) with our stock when it comes to health-issues.

2 imports from UK - "Kate" and "Boyboy"
Amoung these 101 puppies we have had some problems and feed-back from our puppy-buyers shows only a few dogs here is sold has developed health-issues and we are pleased - However the few is a few  too many...
We have tried troughtout the years to make a understanding regarding what to look out for and not - and sitting here it is more and more too be aware of on our beloved breed.
HOWEVER - the joy of breeding the minis and meeting so many of the puppies during the years of developement and how their owners can tell stories about how special their dog is makes us extreamly pleased!

Caddy on the run...
We hope to continue our breeding with the same influence to those of you who hopes for an outgoing and fun dog as companion.
Written by Kent (07 Jan. 13)

CH. Greypix's Dark Dante


This wonderful male is to have his last litter for now here at Greypix. His is mated with our wonderful Greypix's Good to be me - a repeat mating as we only got the one girl we kept our self last time.

When we broght in "Knoll's" mum Buffel's Passion for fashion in whelp back in 07 - mated with a Regency's Gamebreaker u. Regency Maid for US son - We saw the "Regency" influence in the puppies and decided to try to make the "Regency" our own. With the kindness of Beverly Verna, one of our girls was over in the US and was mated with CH. Regency's Good to Go - and from that trip is our Greypix's Good to be me - or "Darling" called here at home.

When I finally had these two dogs grown up - This mating was our  #1 choice and we got the one puppy "Katie" - Growing up here and is turning 1 year old - and is our next show-girl.

This repeat litter is due approx. 30 January and we are really excited on how "Katie's" brothers and sisters will be!

Kent // Greypix's Schnauzers

søndag 10. juli 2011

World dogshow in Paris 2011

I had hoped for a weekend in Paris with all that french people can offer... BUT NO!!
This trip is one of the worst ever.... The Comfort inn Hotel in Gousanville has the worst kind of service to their guest and was rude and not helpful at all. This hotel should never had guests...
The taxi's in Paris area tried to rip severeal of our friends off when they should pay for the trips.. And they did not know it was dogs with us when we stood in line at the WDS showground....
The showground was good... BUT - I have never seen so much left behind from the dogs at a showground. There was NO information in English at all and the French KC stand had NO ONE that spoke English....
BUT we also had a wonderful day in Paris and got to see the attractions that Paris can provide.
After we had our win at the French Championship-show we went downtown and had wonderful wine and fish. And walked trought Champ De Elysees, the Effeil tower and we did some shopping too.
PARIS IS BEAUTIFUL - the French people outside Central Paris is NOT!!

søndag 1. mai 2011

What we do for our beloved breed..

In december 2 years ago, I jumped on a flight from Oslo at 0610 in the morning, via Frankfurt and ended up in San Fransisco at 2 PM local time ( 2100 Norw. time) Onward from S.Fransisco to Tracy - 2 hours drive - and could walk into our hotel-room at 5 PM. Together with me was our wonderful "Loppa" Int.CH Greypix's Mysterious Narrative and our jurneys final destionation was Bev Verna - Regency's Kennel. And our plan was to mate her with a male I had'nt seen live, but loved the pictures of him. US CH. Regency's Good to go.

A wonderful meeting with Bev and her companion Jerry and all their dogs. And as planned we had a perfect weekend both for me and "Loppa" And Sunday morning we started our trip home. Another 16 hours on flights and airports took us home again.

In februar the year after - the puppy was born... 1 bitch came out of this trip..... And we looked at this puppy and just laughted. I knew she was special... SO named her ELSKLING - or "Darling" in English.

Watching her grow up was a pleasing time for us and at age 6 months her shape started to come together - but she was a spolied little brat - and among other things she started to chew beards of the other dogs here..
Her first show was in Febr.10 and she went to 2'nd best bitch - and during the summer she picked up several CAC's and CACIB's. She also qualified for Crufts during the year.

This weekend - her first weekend out in the ring after she was 2 years old - she gained her Norwegian title with her 6'th CAC.

We at Greypix's will be forever grateful that Bev invited me home to her place with my sweet "Loppa" so we could introduce the Regency's to Norway.
Despite it only came on girl from this trip, we feel that this girl will give us a wonderful future at Greypix and the time and price.. Well she is all worth it!!!
Again Bev and Jerry - Thank you for our sweet darling!!