torsdag 2. desember 2010

Nordic Winnershow 2010- Best in Show Breeder

It is amazing how pleased we sometime can be.

Among more than 40 groups in the final at the Nordic Winner show 2010 and with the biggest entry ever at a dogshow in Norway our 4 dogs - Timtim, Camilla, Moa and Elskling went to Best in Show under judge Svend Lövenkjaer from Denmark.

These 4 dogs are all related to eachother and goes back to our fundationbitch Arbeybuffel's Missed me bye - Kate.

Timtim is great-grandson of Kate, and grandson to Camilla. He is also son of Moa's brother. Camilla is out of Kate. Moa breeding is straight down from Kate's father. And Elskling is out of Camilla's sister - also daughter to Kate.

These 4 miniatures are aged from 8 yrs down to 1. And we at Greypix are just proud!!!

lørdag 7. august 2010

It's Saturday

And the Norw. judge ass. arranged a dogshow today. The judges only had 20 - 30 dogs
( most of them ) and used the time well on the dogs they had in the ring.

Only Norwegian judges - and the show was arranged by them as well.... Not something we who shows see often. FUN

BTW we did well also with our "Elskling" ( In English : Darling ) - look to our website for updates... Snapshot from the ring above taken by Eli Nesset ( Kennel Black-Emac )

søndag 1. august 2010

How is it to breed a dog??

I just want to share a story that really set me out a while ago.

As a breeder we're all responsible for the pups we sell, and when selling a 8 weeks old puppy we inform about the "flaws" and sickness/illness in the breed and what to look out for. And as difficult it is to see what this cutie will grow into, we sell all our 8 week's puppies with written information about it's well-beeing and that it is NOT sold as a rising star, or if it is a dog to be bred to.
However - If a puppy grows into this "star" and owner chooses to breed on the dog, it is then our responisibility to tell what to breed to and what to look out for?

I was contacted by the proud owner, when they decided to breed the bitch, and I ask what they looked for in the breed. They told me about a mini that they had seen and loved, and I said that I do not have dogs looking like her, but I have a male that is half-brother that could suit the bitch well. And he could fill out the bitch's details. Then they could have a start on the way to "the look" they wanted.

Litter born, and puppies looked good - until suddenly I got a phonecall about the recommandation of this combination.... How I did not mention the 2 dogs related to this combination had the one-eye cateract, and that it was something wrong with a male in the pedigree that had Myotonia.
I tried to explain about the cateract and how we are recommaned to breed on this. And how vet's in Norway and other contries means that cateract is inherited.
And I also explained about the myotonia desease and what we had done with our stock that was related to the carrier.
The owner of the bitch still didn't understand how we saw things and I just ended the phone-call, with telling them that I'm sorry, but if there is so much faults and flaws in this combination I hope you will be so serious about your stock that you choose NOT breed on these pups....

Later on, a couple of the pups has done quite well in shows and now the are proudly announced as stud's.

What is there to say????

We was told that we did not inform enought when selling that bitch / recommanding the breeding and withheld information about our dogs.
What kind of information should be explained in big words and what should be mentioned?

When selling a pup in Scandinavia, we do not use terms as "Pet" and "show" on puppies. We do either sell them spayed, and we have nothing saying on what to do with the dog.

If you as a owner choose to breed to it, is it us as breeder of the dog that should be "aware" or should the owner that owns it, make sure that they have enought knowlegde to be a breeder?
If you breed puppies I asume that breeder is the correct term, or are you still a puppy-buyer?

For us it looks to be a problem in the future with owners that think they know-how just points the finger at the pedigree instead of understanding the pedigree.

Wonder also if the owner of the stud-dog is informed about the faults and flaws in his pedigree, as they are now breeders and responsible for what he is bred to...

lørdag 17. juli 2010

© by Eva Groven

She has taken some pictures of some of our doggies that has to be shared with you.... I will add an own site at shortly ::

søndag 11. juli 2010

Myotonia Congenita

10 Years ago we found out that our male Unique V D Havenstad carried this gene. Today I heard that a puppy in Finland gained this horrible disease. For us that was involved in this 10 years ago, it is unbeliveble that it still is miniatureschnauzer-breeders that are not aware of how easy it is to test dogs... And that they still choose to breed to stock that is common knowlegde as carriers of Myotonia Congenita.
IF a puppy gaines the desease, both parents needs to carry the gene. If only one of the parents is a carrier, there will be no sick puppies. When I looked at the pedigree of the dog that is sick I found a connection to our "Nick's" father that we know carries the gene.

The dog that is found to be sick is out of the litter B from Kennel Zylvan in Finland - and you can look up the pedigee at the Finnish KC's Koiranet :

tirsdag 29. juni 2010


It's 10 years since our first litter was born here... This weekend we are proud to say that our breeding made breed-history for miniatureschnauzers from Norway. Never before has a Norwegian-bred miniatureschnauzer s/p won the ultimate event among show-dogs. The bitch Greypix's Dirty girl at Virgin, owned by M. Hägglund, kennel Virgin in Sweden, went to Best of breed and World Winner 2010 in Herning, DK under judge:C. Stefanescu from ROM.

søndag 6. juni 2010

Petter - The Kerry

After he did his win at age 9 today I took a picture of him in our backyard this afternoon.
His name is CH. Valera's On the top o'the world and owned by Oware and Steen. Read more about him on their web-pages : and

Its wonderful to breed beauties

This weekend dogs bred by us won in both Norway and Sweden.

We do not show much these days, but its seems like... WHEN we do we really show-off :D
Two Best of breed in Norway with Greypix's Caramba Clishe and BOS in Sweden with Greypix's Dirty Girl at Virgin. They both gained the CACIB's.
Picture shows our G's Caramba Clishê

tirsdag 11. mai 2010

Kate 12 yrs t'day

Kate got this cake from her breeders :D Norw.Swe NorwW 00 - 02 AmstW 00
Arbeybuffel's Missed me bye

Today our wonderful Arbeybuffel's Missed me bye - Kate - is 12 years old.. And it has been 12 fantastic years with her...

She came to me as a birthday-present after beeing on the hunt for a fundation-bitch for almost a year. And 20 of Dec. 1998 she arrived by plane together with me after we had to travel Scandinavia up and around due to a mistake at the airline.... However - This has been a story of how a different bitch truly changed how to breed mini's in Norway. Herself has 7 Champion-offsprings and more than 20 champions has Katie behind them in their pedigree.

This is Kate 1 year old - Spring 1999

Kate 2 years old - finishing her Swedish title in 2001

Kate - 8 years old, still playful and beautiful

Her breeders Janet Callow and Betty Fletcher, kennel Arbeybuffel in the UK has been an insperation on how to continue our breeding and we are proud to bring these lines forward into the next decade.

fredag 30. april 2010

Ticks and fleas

I thought that we wouldn't have much this year as it has been freezing cold this winter... BUT reading the news is seems that they have been protected by all the snow this winter..

SO - all our dogs are now treated with flea and tick drops and ready for the summer..

This time of the year it's also fleas on alot of dogs - so plz... check your dog for this so we don't spread it more. If you are unsure if your dog have fleas, its better to protect your dog with expot or simular than hope it is nothing.

torsdag 1. april 2010


Offcourse you have to fool someone :P We have just sent my parents out for a drive to look for us as we can't find their new home in Sweden.... BTW - we are at home in Norway... You have to love THIS DAY !!

mandag 1. mars 2010

It happens so fast...

Today we got a really sad message from Mette who has Quattro - Cheantake Axcium Alert - He sneaked out the door and as typical this is - this time he rushed out on the road and despite it is a small road with few cars - this time the car came and the outcome was as that he was hit and died straight away. We can only feel sorry for Mette - this was her first dog and the love of her life.... Read more about Quattro here:

søndag 28. februar 2010


Trought Facebook I found "Spiff" today and stole a picture from the owners. He is still a handsome boy soon to be 9 yrs old

Photo by owners - O & V Fossdal

onsdag 24. februar 2010


Our old lady - Kate - has struggled with her back during this cold winter and we was afraid that we had to let her go 2 weeks ago - but together with our vet we decided that we should try a supplement for her joints - Cosequin - and today I must say something is changing. Kate struggled to get her feets under herself and was in a bad condititon 2 week ago. She was playing with our puppies yesterday and she has improved her lifequality again!! THIS IS A HIGHLY RECOMANDED PRODUCT TO TRY OUT FOR THOSE OF YOUR DOGS WITH BACK-PROBLEMS!!

torsdag 18. februar 2010


I have picked up our bitches around and only grooming left to finish them for this weekend. We have four dogs entered and among them we will introduce our latest - Greypix's Good to be me...

tirsdag 16. februar 2010

"Hagbart" Greypix's Irresiteble groomed for the first time

He is out of G's Dark Dante and G's And that is Arja... A before and after picture when I groomed him for the first time :D

Photo by owner: Ronny Raet


It's been 10 years since our first litter at and ever since that day our breeding and dogs has influenced the miniatureschnauzers in Norway... Here is some of the dogs we have showed during the years.....

Greypix's And that is Arja

Greypix's Cuddles at Olinus
Greypix's Dark Dante