tirsdag 11. mai 2010

Kate 12 yrs t'day

Kate got this cake from her breeders :D

Int.ch Norw.Swe Fin.ch NorwW 00 - 02 AmstW 00
Arbeybuffel's Missed me bye

Today our wonderful Arbeybuffel's Missed me bye - Kate - is 12 years old.. And it has been 12 fantastic years with her...

She came to me as a birthday-present after beeing on the hunt for a fundation-bitch for almost a year. And 20 of Dec. 1998 she arrived by plane together with me after we had to travel Scandinavia up and around due to a mistake at the airline.... However - This has been a story of how a different bitch truly changed how to breed mini's in Norway. Herself has 7 Champion-offsprings and more than 20 champions has Katie behind them in their pedigree.

This is Kate 1 year old - Spring 1999

Kate 2 years old - finishing her Swedish title in 2001

Kate - 8 years old, still playful and beautiful

Her breeders Janet Callow and Betty Fletcher, kennel Arbeybuffel in the UK has been an insperation on how to continue our breeding and we are proud to bring these lines forward into the next decade.

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