søndag 1. mai 2011

What we do for our beloved breed..

In december 2 years ago, I jumped on a flight from Oslo at 0610 in the morning, via Frankfurt and ended up in San Fransisco at 2 PM local time ( 2100 Norw. time) Onward from S.Fransisco to Tracy - 2 hours drive - and could walk into our hotel-room at 5 PM. Together with me was our wonderful "Loppa" Int.CH Greypix's Mysterious Narrative and our jurneys final destionation was Bev Verna - Regency's Kennel. And our plan was to mate her with a male I had'nt seen live, but loved the pictures of him. US CH. Regency's Good to go.

A wonderful meeting with Bev and her companion Jerry and all their dogs. And as planned we had a perfect weekend both for me and "Loppa" And Sunday morning we started our trip home. Another 16 hours on flights and airports took us home again.

In februar the year after - the puppy was born... 1 bitch came out of this trip..... And we looked at this puppy and just laughted. I knew she was special... SO named her ELSKLING - or "Darling" in English.

Watching her grow up was a pleasing time for us and at age 6 months her shape started to come together - but she was a spolied little brat - and among other things she started to chew beards of the other dogs here..
Her first show was in Febr.10 and she went to 2'nd best bitch - and during the summer she picked up several CAC's and CACIB's. She also qualified for Crufts during the year.

This weekend - her first weekend out in the ring after she was 2 years old - she gained her Norwegian title with her 6'th CAC.

We at Greypix's will be forever grateful that Bev invited me home to her place with my sweet "Loppa" so we could introduce the Regency's to Norway.
Despite it only came on girl from this trip, we feel that this girl will give us a wonderful future at Greypix and the time and price.. Well she is all worth it!!!
Again Bev and Jerry - Thank you for our sweet darling!!