torsdag 2. desember 2010

Nordic Winnershow 2010- Best in Show Breeder

It is amazing how pleased we sometime can be.

Among more than 40 groups in the final at the Nordic Winner show 2010 and with the biggest entry ever at a dogshow in Norway our 4 dogs - Timtim, Camilla, Moa and Elskling went to Best in Show under judge Svend Lövenkjaer from Denmark.

These 4 dogs are all related to eachother and goes back to our fundationbitch Arbeybuffel's Missed me bye - Kate.

Timtim is great-grandson of Kate, and grandson to Camilla. He is also son of Moa's brother. Camilla is out of Kate. Moa breeding is straight down from Kate's father. And Elskling is out of Camilla's sister - also daughter to Kate.

These 4 miniatures are aged from 8 yrs down to 1. And we at Greypix are just proud!!!

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