tirsdag 1. oktober 2013

Do you have a male for my bitch?

As a breeder and also owner of some decent males I every now and then get questions if I have available males for breeding.
So also last week.

Following PM came trought Facebook - I have a bitch at xx age and she is absolutely stunning and has several cac already and looking for a stunnig male that could be suitable for her...
Important is that inbreeding is equal to 0 - That is important... Do u have anything to offer?

I read this message a couple of times - trying to figure what this was all about. First of all - all my males are line-bred to certain dogs and therefore my first reaction was - did she not check that none of my males has the important 0 - pedigree? However - bred to this bitch it would equal to 0 in 3 generations...
Anyway - I responded to the PM with following answer - I'm sorry but my males are not available for stud to bitches from this kennel.
Relpy went - and she said - It doesn't matter but why? And I informed that I do have my reasons. AND wow - I was told the story.

And she could respond to me that the special-club' comitee-poeple in Norway is a bunch of breeders that is not serious and breeds PRA in the pedigrees that pushes people away instead of including them in the club. These breeders do also promote their own puppies instead of others.

I had to ask if she was drunk.... ( I know that's not nice)

First of all - I do for the moment have 7 males available for stud here - age from 8 years and down to 18 months - (and some younger too) All and every one of them with different pedigree's - all of them with different qualities that in my opinion will gain the breed at some point - bred to the right bitch or not.

I did not get any specific leads on what she was looking for - no question about health-issues in the pedigree's or in the dogs I have. Nothing asked about anything...  It makes me wonder..

SO - I have to ask - why is inbreeding important in the first line of questions and health not?
And in the next line - It is important as the breed-comitee breeds on PRA pedigree's?
This is our breeding... Our "Snuppa" with her newborn - sired by one of our males.
I'm just wondering what is important and not... I do know for us - Not let these kind of breeders use our males....

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