søndag 6. januar 2013

101 dalmatians??

Nope - but 101 miniatureschnauzer puppies are born at Greypix's since 2000.

I was kind of suprised when finding out that and it makes me proud that for the moment we have 26 CHAMPIONS bred here - They have more than 50 champion-titles and our breeding has also given us the European Winner in 2005 and the WorldChampion in 2010.
Troughout these years we have learned alot about breeding and we have been lucky(?) with our stock when it comes to health-issues.

2 imports from UK - "Kate" and "Boyboy"
Amoung these 101 puppies we have had some problems and feed-back from our puppy-buyers shows only a few dogs here is sold has developed health-issues and we are pleased - However the few is a few  too many...
We have tried troughtout the years to make a understanding regarding what to look out for and not - and sitting here it is more and more too be aware of on our beloved breed.
HOWEVER - the joy of breeding the minis and meeting so many of the puppies during the years of developement and how their owners can tell stories about how special their dog is makes us extreamly pleased!

Caddy on the run...
We hope to continue our breeding with the same influence to those of you who hopes for an outgoing and fun dog as companion.
Written by Kent (07 Jan. 13)

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