søndag 10. juli 2011

World dogshow in Paris 2011

I had hoped for a weekend in Paris with all that french people can offer... BUT NO!!
This trip is one of the worst ever.... The Comfort inn Hotel in Gousanville has the worst kind of service to their guest and was rude and not helpful at all. This hotel should never had guests...
The taxi's in Paris area tried to rip severeal of our friends off when they should pay for the trips.. And they did not know it was dogs with us when we stood in line at the WDS showground....
The showground was good... BUT - I have never seen so much left behind from the dogs at a showground. There was NO information in English at all and the French KC stand had NO ONE that spoke English....
BUT we also had a wonderful day in Paris and got to see the attractions that Paris can provide.
After we had our win at the French Championship-show we went downtown and had wonderful wine and fish. And walked trought Champ De Elysees, the Effeil tower and we did some shopping too.
PARIS IS BEAUTIFUL - the French people outside Central Paris is NOT!!

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